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Letting My Creative Juices Flow

This week I have focused mainly on writing. I noticed several years ago that I loved to write. But I never really did anything with that passion. Then a couple months ago I started reading a lot more and wanted to write a story of my own. I went through all of my old work which consisted  of all my story ideas, characters, personalities, and a lot of other things that I found really interesting. Seeing these inspired me and I wanted to work on them and turn it into a full story so badly. But before I could do that I wanted to learn how to write better. So once I found a writing course that fit my desires, I signed up. The course started about three days ago and I love it. I have already learned so much more about writing that I did not know a week ago. I am so excited to continue  this course and finally complete one of my stories. I might even post a section of one of my stories sometime soon.



Today I worked a lot on new characters for my latest book, The Unstoppable. It’s a temporary name but it is what I have so far. It was one of my older story ideas that I really liked. So now I have come back to it and I’m renewing it and making it more interesting. I hope to work more on this over my year at Triskele Rivers.


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