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Skate Park Video!

This was another amazing week at Triskele Rivers! We had so much fun! I wish that we could have more time here. We started our week with making homemade cannons. We got to solder, hammer, and drill. It was extremely fun and exciting process. Then we got to test them with shooting blanks.

I spent a huge portion of my week writing and developing characters. I also have been working really hard on my writing course. It gets harder every week. I like doing something that I love, even if its hard. It almost makes it more fun. I am learning something new every time I get a new assignment.

The other thing that was a large part of my week was making a biking video. Nate and I went to the skate park to film a video. We had planned the trip a week earlier, so we would both be prepared. I brought my camera (Nikon D3300) to the place to film with. The reason that we did it on a weekday instead of a weekend was so that we would be the only ones there. And fortunately for us it worked. We spent a good two hours filming. Filming would have gone on for longer if the camera hadn’t run out of battery. When I got home I put together a little video and put it on YouTube. I’m the green and Nate’s the gray. Click below to watch. 🙂


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