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Photography Training!

Once again this was another amazing week at Triskele Rivers! Each week here seems to become more fun! This week I continued to work on my writing course and story. My passion for writing continues to grow. I also dedicated some more time into developing  my  book characters.  We also did some more work with the horses. Some of the kids even rode through the woods on them. I followed along with my bike. Nate helped me set up an account on a website where you can sell your photos (if you meet the requirements). Its called Istock, I am super excited to start it. But my favorite activity we did was hiking down through an abandoned State Park. Nate, Audrey, and I all did some photography while we were hiking too. Here is a test photo that I took.


I was really looking for scenery that would capture the eye and make you focus on a specific object in the photo. Today was definitely my second favorite day of Triskele Rivers after the Skate park. That about wraps up my week. I hope everybody else  had a great week too!

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