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Living on One dollar

This was a pretty mellow week for me. We didn’t do anything huge but we had some pretty good dialogue on a film we watched. So I will talk about that.

The film was called “Living on One Dollar”. It was 4 college boys that went to Guatemala and live like the people there for 54 days. While they were there they tried to ask the locals questions like, how they saved money, where the got food, and other questions similar to that. They brought 54 for dollars with them, one for each day. As soon as they arrived at their one room hut with dirt floors and no door, they meet some of the locals. They immediately welcomed the boys. All the kids who lived there were so excited to see new comers. They were all eager to learn about american culture. It was amazing to see how kind everyone was to one another. They would share food and money. One group of people came together and helped raise money for a new person each month. They would all save 12 dollars of their salary and add that to the donations till they would have 144 dollars.  They spent a lot of time with four or five different families that were really friendly and giving. One man, Anthony, just loved helping people. Every chance he had, he would try to help. It was my favorite video that we have watched at Triskele Rivers this year. I would encourage you to watch it too. It is on Netflix and chances are it is on YouTube too. So that was definitely a big high light for my week.


I am still working on my Photography/writing course too. It is pretty fun. Every week she is giving us a new assignment each week. It usually involves a couple different things about photography history and then a post. It is really helping with photography. I hope to take some more photography courses after.


The last thing that I want to talk about is the Team Challenge that we did this week. For the challenge we divided up into two teams of three. Then we made an imaginary river. We placed one team on each side of the river. Each team had to find a way to get the other team across safely. My team went into the woods and gathered boards and tree branches to make a bridge to the other side. The other team used string that they found and tied a stick to the end and through it across. My team had to grab it and then get pulled across. The challenge was definitely fun but in my opinion it came a little to easily.

That sums up my week.

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