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End of Photography

This week my photography course (unfortunately) came to an end. I had a lot of fun during this course and I learned from it as well. I learned a ton of cool ways to use lighting as an advantage. It taught me how to use manual settings too. I used to just use automatic for all my photos and I thought it looked just fine. Now that I know how to use manual settings I notice that I was missing out on so much. I find that the tiniest change to a setting can change the whole tone of the photo. One of the other aspects of the class that I enjoyed was being able to see other people’s photos and seeing what they liked. Some people had some really interesting ways of photographing and had a lot to share. I hope to take more photography courses in the future.


I have also been focusing on my writing. This week I started a new short story. I have taken two writing courses so far and I hope to take more. I am trying to use all the writing tips that I learned in my story. I really enjoy writing. Now that I understand some writing techniques, writing comes much easier. It is also much more enjoyable. I used to really stress about punctuation and other things relating to it. I hope to finish this story and actually like the ending of it. Writing is something I hope to spend a lot of time working on.


The last note worthy thing I have been working on is my super hero course. This is one of the coolest and most interesting courses I have ever taken. The course teaches me about comic book history and how it started. I am definitely enjoying it. I am on week 3 of 5. I might even make my own little comic too.

The last topic I would like to discuss is a video we watched this week. It was about the Syrians escaping Syria and finding refuge in refugee camps. The video was extremely interesting. We got to see what kids thought about all the changes that were happening. It was sad to see that they all lost their homes to war. It was hard to believe that they all came from homes much like ours in america. Kids were talking about how they had backyards and gardens. Many Syrians were sad to have lost their homes but they were grateful to have a place to stay. In the end it was a very good film brought up a lot of good dialogue.


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