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Books, books, and more books.

This week I finally started to read a lot. Over the past couple of weeks I had been watching Doctor Who, and I wasn’t getting a lot of reading in (It took me 7 weeks to finish a book!).  But now that I have finished Doctor Who, I am reading a lot more.

Over the weekend I read several good books. The first two books are the first in a new series called Magisterium. The names are “Iron Trial” and “The Copper Gauntlet”. The books are about a magic school and follows some kids that recently started going there. They were both pretty fun reads, not something that blew my mind, but they were definitely a fun fantasy read.

Now the next book I started is by my favorite author, Rick Riordon. He as written a lot of books, most are fantasy about children of a god and human. His most  popular of all are the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series and the “Heroes of Olympus” series. But he has also written the “Kane Chronicle’s” and recently started a new series called “Magnus Chase”. Now back to the topic, I am reading the first book in the Kane Chronicle’s  series. It is called The Red Pyramid. It is pretty good so far, though I am finding it a bit odd. Not in a bad way, but it is just kind of weird. I am only on page 100 out of 500 so I have a ways to go. But am I pretty excited to read it. That’s really all I am doing in my reading life.

The next highlight for  my week was the critical dialogue we watched as a class. It’s called “Beyond I had a dream”. It was about Dr. King and the impact he has had on modern society. We got to listen to what kids had to say about him and what they thought. It was very interesting being able to see how these kids were inspired to make a difference. Some kids raised money for the homeless or played the piano for elderly people. One kid even decided that he didn’t want to say The Pledge of  Allegiance because he didn’t think there was justice for all. He was only ten years old. The school he was at was not happy with his actions and called  his parents. They were fine with his actions and he ended up getting a message sent to the President.

I definitely enjoyed my week at Triskele Rivers.






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