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Toilet Phone!

I had a lot of fun this week, over the week and weekend.

On Friday me and a friend went to the columbia river. We were down there for ten hours. There was no wind at all that day so it made for excellent paddle boarding conditions. My friend and I also played baseball in the water with a stick and a tennis ball. I was surprisingly fun!

On Saturday I baked a cake. It’s the first cake I have ever baked on my own. I also made the frosting. It was so good. Here’s a picture.

IMG_7819 IMG_7809

Another activity the I got to do over the weekend was go biking. I was my first ride of the year and I had so much fun. Nate (another kid from Trickle Rivers) went biking with me. The conditions were perfect. It was sunny out too, that always makes things better!

Now onto the very exciting and crazy week we had at Triskele Rivers! The first and by far the craziest thing that happened was out facilitator, Carrie, dropped her phone in the toilet. The phones flashlight was turned on and we could see it.


Our class also got to take a hike through the abandoned state park by Nate’s house. I really enjoy going there because of all the massive rocks that are there. They’re so much fun the climb on. We spent about an hour just running around exploring. We had pictures of it but I think they were on Carries old phone. Haha oops.

I practiced sword fighting with Nate. Nate used to take fencing classes, it makes him very challenging to fight. Note we were using PVC pipe with foam around it so it was perfectly safe. We practiced for quite a while.

Our class at Triskele Rivers watched an extremely interesting video on telepathic animal communication with humans. I found this video very interesting and it made me think of a lot of questions. The video followed a woman who can communicate with animals. When I first heard this I kind of laughed. I mean, animal communication, that seemed like something out of a children’s fantasy movie. So going into the video I had a LOT of doubts, but I tried to have an open mind. The more of the video I watched, the more I started to believe. One example was when the woman started saying things about the animals past that she didn’t know before that, no one had told her. Yet here she was, doing just that. It was truly amazing. She describes the communication as sending mental pictures to each other. She would get these images in here head and she would put them together. Even after watching the video my brain still has a hard time grasping the idea of animal communication, but I defiantly believe in it now.

That’s about all for week. I hope I get to have another week just as exciting.

Also I started reading Harry Potter and its really good so byyyyyeeeeeee!



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