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Stamina, Balance, Focus

This week I did my usual. I read, wrote, played the piano, and worked on my super hero and writing courses. Since I blog about those just about every other week I will try and blog about something new.

If you do not know already, I love biking. I do not play many sports. Really the only sports I do are biking and skiing. Now that the ski season is over I started biking. Fortunately for me, there is some amazing biking near me so I get to ride a lot.  My goal is to go on at least 60 rides this year. I started biking two weeks ago and I am already at 11 rides. I also hope to improve my riding skills this year. I really just hope to improve my all around riding. Mainly, stamina for longer rides, going faster up and downhill, jumping, balance, and tricks. So far in only 11 rides I have improved many of those goals. There is a skinny that is really long on one of the trails and it is hard for most people to complete the whole thing. I was able to master it this year. I can do the whole thing almost every time now without crashing. My downhill speed as also increased and that is allowing me to hit bigger jumps. That is exciting to me because bigger jumps allow you to do tricks. As I want to learn tricks this year, being able to hit bigger jumps will be useful. I have also been going on longer rides.

Also, Harry Potter books are amazing!



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