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Back to school

It was fun to be back at Triskele Rivers. Even though Christmas break was great.

Everybody has settled and really gotten into the homeschool groove. I am currently taking two courses. A photography/writing class and a “History of Superhero’s and American Comic Culture”.

I am on week one of the photography course. My teacher  is really nice and has had a lot of photography tips to offer. I am really looking forward to diving deeper into this course. Photography is a pretty recent interest of mine, and it hasn’t even been a year yet. I have an Instagram account for my pictures(luke.h.photos) so this course will come in handy. Our first couple of assignments were reading about the beginning of photography history. I found reading about it’s history and seeing how photography grew so much very interesting. We then had to post up to three pictures that had a back story. Since here in Hood River it’s snowing, I had a slight problem getting good photos. In the end this actually forced my to go out of my limits and try something new.

I am also enjoying the superhero course too. The course has some amazing facilitators. Here’s just a few, Stan lee creator of Marvel comics, the creator of Aquaman, xmen, justice league,  some spectacular illustrators. The course basically covers comic book history from the very beginning.

I am reading author, Marie Lu’s, “Legend” series right now. I am enjoying this three book trilogy, Legend, Prodigy, and Champion. I am on page seven of Champion and am SO excited to read it. After I finish this series, I am going to read “The Iron Trial”.


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