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Things I like!

This was a pretty good week.

Earlier today I signed up for two new courses. Both of them are writing classes. I am really excited to start them. Both courses are for college students so it might be a little challenging for me, but I think it will be fun. I watched some example videos for both courses today and already learned something new!

I also really enjoyed our critical dialogue. It was about animal testing. Like most of the critical dialogue videos that we watch, we got to hear what the kids had to say about the problem. Most of the kids had some pretty interesting opinions about animal testing. Some thought that since we are the dominant species we should be able to do what we want with animals, even if that means killing them. Others thought that animals should have equal rights to humans and should not be tested on. I personally agree that animals should have equal rights. They can’t stand up for themselves and I think that we should treat them with respect rather then using them as lab rats. We learned that there are plenty of ways around animal testing that work even better. Yet people still demand that we continue with animal testing. Even if it is just for cosmetics. It was a really good critical dialogue and I hope to do more research on it in the future.

Now for the reading part of my weekend. I finished “The Red Pyramid” by Rick Riordon. Rick Riordon is one of my favorite authors. His Percy Jackson series and his Heroes of Olympus series are some  of my favorite books ever. I was sad to find that this book did not live up to his other amazing books. There were so many flaws with the book. The first thing I didn’t like was it had such a slow start, it took about 300 pages for it to finally get exciting. The first 150 pages or so were also incredibly weird. I almost stopped reading it because of that. I am glad that I kept reading though because it did end up being normal. The end of the book was good and I plan on reading the rest of the series. There are only three books and I am on the second one right now. I am actually enjoying it. I think the series will turn out to be pretty good. From what I have heard the books get better. So I am hoping for the best.

Over the weekend I uploaded a mini MOC (My Own Creation) onto my YouTube channel. My YouTube channel is FOX MOCS.

I really enjoyed my week.

Luke, 13.

On a completely non educational note, I started watching Parks and Recreation over the weekend. It is probably the funniest show I have ever seen.











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