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Vote YES! Our water, our future.

This week we focused on some pretty interesting topics. Our first project was talking to our local water alliance.

We headed downtown and got to see the water alliance head quarters. It was small but impressive. When we arrived we were greeted by a few staff members. They taught us about their daily jobs and what problems they would run into. It was a lot of fun. We got to see the scripts that they would read when talking to somebody on the phone. Now for those of you who don’t know what the water alliance is and what they are fighting right now, I will do my best to explain. Basically a company, Nestle, wants to come in a buy the water rights from a stream in Cascade Locks and use it for bottled water. At first that doesn’t seem so bad, but when you look into the details you will start to notice that you don’t want them to come in. Nestle’s history of going into towns and using water is not too great. Most of the towns regret ever letting them come in. Unfortunately once they arrive  it is almost impossible to get them out. They even pump water through droughts. Our local water alliance is trying to stop them from accomplishing that in our town and to show the world that it is possible to stop them from coming into your town. There is going to be a vote this May. If you live near the Hood River or Cascade Locks area, I recommend you look into it.

Over my weekend, (everyday besides Wednesday and  Thursday) I walked downtown five days in a  row. Each day I practiced photography on my way down. I have been constantly posting them to my Instagram accounts. My first account is for close up LEGO photography, @legopeopletravel. My other account is called, @luke.h.photos. If you have Instagram you can check out some of my work.

Our class at Triskele Rivers watched a video about cloning too. I would talk about it but I am still processing it. Maybe next week I will talk about it.


That sums up to most exciting parts of my week.

Luke, 13.



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