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To start off our week at Triskele Rivers we went to a pottery studio. At the studio we were able to use the pottery wheel and some of the other art supplies. It was really fun to try out the pottery wheel for the first time. One of the challenges that I faced while using it was centering the clay. When you make something on a pottery wheel you want to be sure to keep it in the center so that it comes out even. Mine came out fairly uneven. After I finished using the wheel I made a mug out of clay. I enjoyed it so much and hope to go back again.

On Thursday we went downtown to help the local water alliance. They gave us some signs that said to vote YES on 14-55 (the measure that we’re voting on), and we got to wave them around downtown. This was my second time doing this for the water alliance and I saw some improvement. The first time I did it, three people flipped us off. But this time nobody did, and we were in the same spot as the first time.

When we got back from that we did some finger painting art.

In the end of the week, my favorite thing I did was see “Civil War”. For those of you who do not know what Civil War is I will explain. Civil War is a Marvel movie based off one of the best comics ever (in my opinion), Civil War. I am a huge fan of superheroes, both Marvel and DC. I was very excited for this movie. I saw it twice in two days, it was amazing. I loved just about every single thing about the movie. There were so many references to previous MCU movies and I really liked that. Literally the only problem I had was that the villain didn’t have a totally comic accurate costume, but besides that the movie was amazing. I feel like Marvel did a very tasteful job setting up the upcoming films. I would watch it a third time.

Those are my exciting highlights of the week. Of course like every other week I read, wrote, worked on my writing and superhero course, and biked.


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