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The End

It’s the end of the Triskele Rivers 2016. I am sad that the program is ending, I had a lot of fun this year and learned a lot. We got to go to so many amazing place such as OMSI, Punch Bowl Falls, Wahclella Falls, and the book store (that was my favorite). We also got to volunteer at several cool places such as the animal shelter and our local water alliance. And just yesterday we went down to the water and picked up trash. I really feel like we helped this year and that makes me feel accomplished. Overall, I felt like this was an incredible year well spent. Since this is my last blog I will just go over really all the activities that I am currently working on.

I am currently reading the second Harry Potter book. Lately my reading has really slowed down. Usually I would be disappointed because I love reading. The reason I have not been reading as much is because I am doing a lot of other activities. My life still focuses on reading and fantasy worlds so I will always find time to read. Back to what I was saying earlier, I am reading the second Harry Potter book and its amazing! I love J.K. Rowling’s writing style and find it rather (read previous word in British accent) interesting. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

The next thing I have been working on lately is mountain biking. I am currently biking more than ever. Today will be my seventh day in a row. I usually don’t keep track with how much of something I do, but this year I have set a goal. My goal is to go on at least 60 mountain bike rides this year. So far I am at 28 rides.

My story that I am writing right now is growing and improving. I am glad about that. I have the basic idea of how I want the story to unfold but I am really just writing as I go. I downloaded a writing app on my phone. The apps useful because there are so many beginner writers like me and most are willing to give feedback on my stories so I can improve.

Earlier today, the class at Triskele Rivers watched a movie called Happy. The movie explored what makes people truly happy. It was one of the most interesting documentaries we have ever watched in my opinion. The difference between happy people and depressed people was crazy. A lot of it just had to do with where they worked and lived. A lot of the people that lived in big busy cities were more depressed then people who lived in more relaxing places. I recommend you watch it, it’s call ‘Happy’ and it’s on Netflix.



Art and Comics

To start off our week at Triskele Rivers we went to a pottery studio. At the studio we were able to use the pottery wheel and some of the other art supplies. It was really fun to try out the pottery wheel for the first time. One of the challenges that I faced while using it was centering the clay. When you make something on a pottery wheel you want to be sure to keep it in the center so that it comes out even. Mine came out fairly uneven. After I finished using the wheel I made a mug out of clay. I enjoyed it so much and hope to go back again.

On Thursday we went downtown to help the local water alliance. They gave us some signs that said to vote YES on 14-55 (the measure that we’re voting on), and we got to wave them around downtown. This was my second time doing this for the water alliance and I saw some improvement. The first time I did it, three people flipped us off. But this time nobody did, and we were in the same spot as the first time.

When we got back from that we did some finger painting art.

In the end of the week, my favorite thing I did was see “Civil War”. For those of you who do not know what Civil War is I will explain. Civil War is a Marvel movie based off one of the best comics ever (in my opinion), Civil War. I am a huge fan of superheroes, both Marvel and DC. I was very excited for this movie. I saw it twice in two days, it was amazing. I loved just about every single thing about the movie. There were so many references to previous MCU movies and I really liked that. Literally the only problem I had was that the villain didn’t have a totally comic accurate costume, but besides that the movie was amazing. I feel like Marvel did a very tasteful job setting up the upcoming films. I would watch it a third time.

Those are my exciting highlights of the week. Of course like every other week I read, wrote, worked on my writing and superhero course, and biked.


Stamina, Balance, Focus

This week I did my usual. I read, wrote, played the piano, and worked on my super hero and writing courses. Since I blog about those just about every other week I will try and blog about something new.

If you do not know already, I love biking. I do not play many sports. Really the only sports I do are biking and skiing. Now that the ski season is over I started biking. Fortunately for me, there is some amazing biking near me so I get to ride a lot.  My goal is to go on at least 60 rides this year. I started biking two weeks ago and I am already at 11 rides. I also hope to improve my riding skills this year. I really just hope to improve my all around riding. Mainly, stamina for longer rides, going faster up and downhill, jumping, balance, and tricks. So far in only 11 rides I have improved many of those goals. There is a skinny that is really long on one of the trails and it is hard for most people to complete the whole thing. I was able to master it this year. I can do the whole thing almost every time now without crashing. My downhill speed as also increased and that is allowing me to hit bigger jumps. That is exciting to me because bigger jumps allow you to do tricks. As I want to learn tricks this year, being able to hit bigger jumps will be useful. I have also been going on longer rides.

Also, Harry Potter books are amazing!


Toilet Phone!

I had a lot of fun this week, over the week and weekend.

On Friday me and a friend went to the columbia river. We were down there for ten hours. There was no wind at all that day so it made for excellent paddle boarding conditions. My friend and I also played baseball in the water with a stick and a tennis ball. I was surprisingly fun!

On Saturday I baked a cake. It’s the first cake I have ever baked on my own. I also made the frosting. It was so good. Here’s a picture.

IMG_7819 IMG_7809

Another activity the I got to do over the weekend was go biking. I was my first ride of the year and I had so much fun. Nate (another kid from Trickle Rivers) went biking with me. The conditions were perfect. It was sunny out too, that always makes things better!

Now onto the very exciting and crazy week we had at Triskele Rivers! The first and by far the craziest thing that happened was out facilitator, Carrie, dropped her phone in the toilet. The phones flashlight was turned on and we could see it.


Our class also got to take a hike through the abandoned state park by Nate’s house. I really enjoy going there because of all the massive rocks that are there. They’re so much fun the climb on. We spent about an hour just running around exploring. We had pictures of it but I think they were on Carries old phone. Haha oops.

I practiced sword fighting with Nate. Nate used to take fencing classes, it makes him very challenging to fight. Note we were using PVC pipe with foam around it so it was perfectly safe. We practiced for quite a while.

Our class at Triskele Rivers watched an extremely interesting video on telepathic animal communication with humans. I found this video very interesting and it made me think of a lot of questions. The video followed a woman who can communicate with animals. When I first heard this I kind of laughed. I mean, animal communication, that seemed like something out of a children’s fantasy movie. So going into the video I had a LOT of doubts, but I tried to have an open mind. The more of the video I watched, the more I started to believe. One example was when the woman started saying things about the animals past that she didn’t know before that, no one had told her. Yet here she was, doing just that. It was truly amazing. She describes the communication as sending mental pictures to each other. She would get these images in here head and she would put them together. Even after watching the video my brain still has a hard time grasping the idea of animal communication, but I defiantly believe in it now.

That’s about all for week. I hope I get to have another week just as exciting.

Also I started reading Harry Potter and its really good so byyyyyeeeeeee!



Vote YES! Our water, our future.

This week we focused on some pretty interesting topics. Our first project was talking to our local water alliance.

We headed downtown and got to see the water alliance head quarters. It was small but impressive. When we arrived we were greeted by a few staff members. They taught us about their daily jobs and what problems they would run into. It was a lot of fun. We got to see the scripts that they would read when talking to somebody on the phone. Now for those of you who don’t know what the water alliance is and what they are fighting right now, I will do my best to explain. Basically a company, Nestle, wants to come in a buy the water rights from a stream in Cascade Locks and use it for bottled water. At first that doesn’t seem so bad, but when you look into the details you will start to notice that you don’t want them to come in. Nestle’s history of going into towns and using water is not too great. Most of the towns regret ever letting them come in. Unfortunately once they arrive  it is almost impossible to get them out. They even pump water through droughts. Our local water alliance is trying to stop them from accomplishing that in our town and to show the world that it is possible to stop them from coming into your town. There is going to be a vote this May. If you live near the Hood River or Cascade Locks area, I recommend you look into it.

Over my weekend, (everyday besides Wednesday and  Thursday) I walked downtown five days in a  row. Each day I practiced photography on my way down. I have been constantly posting them to my Instagram accounts. My first account is for close up LEGO photography, @legopeopletravel. My other account is called, @luke.h.photos. If you have Instagram you can check out some of my work.

Our class at Triskele Rivers watched a video about cloning too. I would talk about it but I am still processing it. Maybe next week I will talk about it.


That sums up to most exciting parts of my week.

Luke, 13.



Things I like!

This was a pretty good week.

Earlier today I signed up for two new courses. Both of them are writing classes. I am really excited to start them. Both courses are for college students so it might be a little challenging for me, but I think it will be fun. I watched some example videos for both courses today and already learned something new!

I also really enjoyed our critical dialogue. It was about animal testing. Like most of the critical dialogue videos that we watch, we got to hear what the kids had to say about the problem. Most of the kids had some pretty interesting opinions about animal testing. Some thought that since we are the dominant species we should be able to do what we want with animals, even if that means killing them. Others thought that animals should have equal rights to humans and should not be tested on. I personally agree that animals should have equal rights. They can’t stand up for themselves and I think that we should treat them with respect rather then using them as lab rats. We learned that there are plenty of ways around animal testing that work even better. Yet people still demand that we continue with animal testing. Even if it is just for cosmetics. It was a really good critical dialogue and I hope to do more research on it in the future.

Now for the reading part of my weekend. I finished “The Red Pyramid” by Rick Riordon. Rick Riordon is one of my favorite authors. His Percy Jackson series and his Heroes of Olympus series are some  of my favorite books ever. I was sad to find that this book did not live up to his other amazing books. There were so many flaws with the book. The first thing I didn’t like was it had such a slow start, it took about 300 pages for it to finally get exciting. The first 150 pages or so were also incredibly weird. I almost stopped reading it because of that. I am glad that I kept reading though because it did end up being normal. The end of the book was good and I plan on reading the rest of the series. There are only three books and I am on the second one right now. I am actually enjoying it. I think the series will turn out to be pretty good. From what I have heard the books get better. So I am hoping for the best.

Over the weekend I uploaded a mini MOC (My Own Creation) onto my YouTube channel. My YouTube channel is FOX MOCS.

I really enjoyed my week.

Luke, 13.

On a completely non educational note, I started watching Parks and Recreation over the weekend. It is probably the funniest show I have ever seen.











Books, books, and more books.

This week I finally started to read a lot. Over the past couple of weeks I had been watching Doctor Who, and I wasn’t getting a lot of reading in (It took me 7 weeks to finish a book!).  But now that I have finished Doctor Who, I am reading a lot more.

Over the weekend I read several good books. The first two books are the first in a new series called Magisterium. The names are “Iron Trial” and “The Copper Gauntlet”. The books are about a magic school and follows some kids that recently started going there. They were both pretty fun reads, not something that blew my mind, but they were definitely a fun fantasy read.

Now the next book I started is by my favorite author, Rick Riordon. He as written a lot of books, most are fantasy about children of a god and human. His most  popular of all are the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series and the “Heroes of Olympus” series. But he has also written the “Kane Chronicle’s” and recently started a new series called “Magnus Chase”. Now back to the topic, I am reading the first book in the Kane Chronicle’s  series. It is called The Red Pyramid. It is pretty good so far, though I am finding it a bit odd. Not in a bad way, but it is just kind of weird. I am only on page 100 out of 500 so I have a ways to go. But am I pretty excited to read it. That’s really all I am doing in my reading life.

The next highlight for  my week was the critical dialogue we watched as a class. It’s called “Beyond I had a dream”. It was about Dr. King and the impact he has had on modern society. We got to listen to what kids had to say about him and what they thought. It was very interesting being able to see how these kids were inspired to make a difference. Some kids raised money for the homeless or played the piano for elderly people. One kid even decided that he didn’t want to say The Pledge of  Allegiance because he didn’t think there was justice for all. He was only ten years old. The school he was at was not happy with his actions and called  his parents. They were fine with his actions and he ended up getting a message sent to the President.

I definitely enjoyed my week at Triskele Rivers.






End of Photography

This week my photography course (unfortunately) came to an end. I had a lot of fun during this course and I learned from it as well. I learned a ton of cool ways to use lighting as an advantage. It taught me how to use manual settings too. I used to just use automatic for all my photos and I thought it looked just fine. Now that I know how to use manual settings I notice that I was missing out on so much. I find that the tiniest change to a setting can change the whole tone of the photo. One of the other aspects of the class that I enjoyed was being able to see other people’s photos and seeing what they liked. Some people had some really interesting ways of photographing and had a lot to share. I hope to take more photography courses in the future.


I have also been focusing on my writing. This week I started a new short story. I have taken two writing courses so far and I hope to take more. I am trying to use all the writing tips that I learned in my story. I really enjoy writing. Now that I understand some writing techniques, writing comes much easier. It is also much more enjoyable. I used to really stress about punctuation and other things relating to it. I hope to finish this story and actually like the ending of it. Writing is something I hope to spend a lot of time working on.


The last note worthy thing I have been working on is my super hero course. This is one of the coolest and most interesting courses I have ever taken. The course teaches me about comic book history and how it started. I am definitely enjoying it. I am on week 3 of 5. I might even make my own little comic too.

The last topic I would like to discuss is a video we watched this week. It was about the Syrians escaping Syria and finding refuge in refugee camps. The video was extremely interesting. We got to see what kids thought about all the changes that were happening. It was sad to see that they all lost their homes to war. It was hard to believe that they all came from homes much like ours in america. Kids were talking about how they had backyards and gardens. Many Syrians were sad to have lost their homes but they were grateful to have a place to stay. In the end it was a very good film brought up a lot of good dialogue.


Living on One dollar

This was a pretty mellow week for me. We didn’t do anything huge but we had some pretty good dialogue on a film we watched. So I will talk about that.

The film was called “Living on One Dollar”. It was 4 college boys that went to Guatemala and live like the people there for 54 days. While they were there they tried to ask the locals questions like, how they saved money, where the got food, and other questions similar to that. They brought 54 for dollars with them, one for each day. As soon as they arrived at their one room hut with dirt floors and no door, they meet some of the locals. They immediately welcomed the boys. All the kids who lived there were so excited to see new comers. They were all eager to learn about american culture. It was amazing to see how kind everyone was to one another. They would share food and money. One group of people came together and helped raise money for a new person each month. They would all save 12 dollars of their salary and add that to the donations till they would have 144 dollars.  They spent a lot of time with four or five different families that were really friendly and giving. One man, Anthony, just loved helping people. Every chance he had, he would try to help. It was my favorite video that we have watched at Triskele Rivers this year. I would encourage you to watch it too. It is on Netflix and chances are it is on YouTube too. So that was definitely a big high light for my week.


I am still working on my Photography/writing course too. It is pretty fun. Every week she is giving us a new assignment each week. It usually involves a couple different things about photography history and then a post. It is really helping with photography. I hope to take some more photography courses after.


The last thing that I want to talk about is the Team Challenge that we did this week. For the challenge we divided up into two teams of three. Then we made an imaginary river. We placed one team on each side of the river. Each team had to find a way to get the other team across safely. My team went into the woods and gathered boards and tree branches to make a bridge to the other side. The other team used string that they found and tied a stick to the end and through it across. My team had to grab it and then get pulled across. The challenge was definitely fun but in my opinion it came a little to easily.

That sums up my week.

Luke 13


Back to school

It was fun to be back at Triskele Rivers. Even though Christmas break was great.

Everybody has settled and really gotten into the homeschool groove. I am currently taking two courses. A photography/writing class and a “History of Superhero’s and American Comic Culture”.

I am on week one of the photography course. My teacher  is really nice and has had a lot of photography tips to offer. I am really looking forward to diving deeper into this course. Photography is a pretty recent interest of mine, and it hasn’t even been a year yet. I have an Instagram account for my pictures(luke.h.photos) so this course will come in handy. Our first couple of assignments were reading about the beginning of photography history. I found reading about it’s history and seeing how photography grew so much very interesting. We then had to post up to three pictures that had a back story. Since here in Hood River it’s snowing, I had a slight problem getting good photos. In the end this actually forced my to go out of my limits and try something new.

I am also enjoying the superhero course too. The course has some amazing facilitators. Here’s just a few, Stan lee creator of Marvel comics, the creator of Aquaman, xmen, justice league,  some spectacular illustrators. The course basically covers comic book history from the very beginning.

I am reading author, Marie Lu’s, “Legend” series right now. I am enjoying this three book trilogy, Legend, Prodigy, and Champion. I am on page seven of Champion and am SO excited to read it. After I finish this series, I am going to read “The Iron Trial”.


Luke 13