Short Week

This was a short week for me.

I had a horrible migraine Tuesday and Wednesday. I spent those two days resting so there is nothing exciting to talk about.

I was able to come on Thursday. I spent it mainly reading and writing. At 11:30 we had a lady who does animal massage come in and teach us some techniques. It was really cool. I am going to try some when I get home on my dogs. One of the reasons we thought it would be good to have her come in and teach us is because we are going to the animal shelter next week.

The only thing that I did this week is sign up for a photography writing course on I love photography so this will be fun for me. I am excited to start.

That basically sums up my short week. I hope to use next week wisely.


Many things to do!

This week I have been working on so many different projects. I guess I will start with what I did with my two days at Triskele Rivers first.

My main highlight for this week was installing a pull up bar. Two weeks ago the whole class just started using the rafters as pull up bars. We thought this was fun and that we should make an official pull up bar (Hanging from the rafters didn’t seem appropriate during program hours). So we set out to make our own pull up bar. Two weeks ago we went to visit a film director’s studio and we saw a cool pull up bar. We based the one we made off of the one we saw at his studio. It only took us ten to twenty minutes to get it up. We are all very proud of it and happy that we can get some indoor exercise. Here’s a picture of it.



I am about to start a story, “In the trees”, but I need to finish the plot (The name is still in working progress). I spent a lot of my week developing characters and their personalities. I have also been developing the scenery. I am happy with the characters so far.  Some of the first names I used are people I have meet in real life. I have three main characters so far, Saige Jackson, Adam Rider, and Cameron. I hope to start the story soon.


I also made a small glossy blue bowl out of clay for my room. It is almost finished, I might post a picture next week.


We are also going to have a person who does animal acupressure. She is going to come in and teach us soon. I am really excited for it. We have two dogs and this will be useful.



The last thing I want to talk about is a MOC (my own creation) that I am working on. I love LEGOs for those of you who don’t know. I have a YouTube channel for them, FOX MOCS. I post LEGO Star Wars content on it. Over the weekend I started a new MOC and I am proud of it so far. unfortunately I don’t have close to enough parts to finish it. So I had to order some parts for it and I am waiting for them to come in the mail. There is a link to my YouTube channel in my last blog.


That basically sums up my awesome week.










I had an excellent week.

Writing: This week is the last week for my writing course. One of our assignments was to make a story about entering personal space and using smell. I really enjoyed this exercise. I spent three days rewriting and rethinking my story until I finished with a three page story that I am really happy with. I like the story that I used for the exercise and just started writing a longer version.

Reading: Last week I started a book series called “The Maze Runner” There are four books in the series, The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, and The Kill Order. I had some interesting thoughts on this series. I liked it and would give all the books a 3.9 rating out of 5. The basic plot is really cool; sun flares hit the earth releasing a fatal disease. James Dashner, the author, wrote in the third person view but you only know what the main character, Thomas, knows. One of the downsides to the series was that he had  a little too much action and not enough of anything else. The character development wasn’t great either but, other than that, it was a decent series.

Exercise: We had a lot of fun this week when everybody just started trying different exercises. We are thinking about installing a pull up bar soon. I was working on doing a yoga pose,  half crow, I think that’s what it’s called. Here’s a picture of me attempting to do it.


Over the weekend I finished a LEGO MOC (my own creation) that I have been working on for a long time. I am going to film a video for it on Friday and upload it to my YouTube channel.  I had to make tons of orders to get all the parts that I needed and then had to try out different building techniques. It took such a long time, over five months, and now I have finally finished and can’t wait to upload the video.

Here is a link to my YouTube channel, the video will be up sometime on Friday.


That about sums up my week.

Luke, 13









Wazee motion pictures Film Studio

On Thursday this week we got to visit a local editing studio. An Adventure Film director Skip Armstrong makes short adventure  films. He comes back to his studio in Washington and edits them. He explained to us basically his whole life and how he got into filming  from the very beginning. He also went over all sorts of interesting filming tips, along with showing us his editing set up and what the purpose for each item was. It was really fun and it was a pleasure to meet him. So that was really fun.


Once we left the studio and were heading home, we decided to stop at the Waucoma  book store. We spent a couple of minutes there looking at good books. I got Champion, which is Marie Lue’s third book in here Legend books series.

As I mention last week, I wanted to go on a reading marathon. So over the weekend I read The Maze Runner, Scorch Trials, and Death Cure. I was hoping to finish the series but I didn’t want to speed read. So I will just read the last book, The Kill Order, tomorrow. Then I will move onto Rick Riordons Kane Chronicles book series.  I also have some writing assignments that I am going to work on over the weekend. I am currently working on my own novel too. I am only on the first chapter.  Once I get a little further into it, I will post a small section of it.

I have also been thinking about creating a biking film. I am considering some of the tips that Skip gave us today to use in the film. We have some pretty good biking around us, so I hope it makes for a good video.

That about sums up my whole week.





BRW week (Bike, read, write)

Much like the last couple of weeks, I mainly focused on a few things. If you haven’t read my previous blogs, I will fill you in. Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on a bike trail, taking some writing classes online, reading, and photography. I have kind of narrowed these down to the things that I like to do. Unfortunately the weather was fairly rainy this week so I couldn’t go outside with my camera. I hope the weather clears up.

We got to watch an interesting video about different Native American tribes this week. It was a short documentary. We got to hear what they were thinking and learn about their personalities. I feel really bad about the way many of them are being treated. The video definitely helped me get a better understanding about how they feel. All the tribes had incredible cultural stories. I hope we can do more videos like this in the future.

Nate and I got amazing progress done on the bike course. In only two days of progress, we tripled the size of the course. The track is basically done now. We just need to get some more dirt for berms and  jumps.  We might even expand the course.  But in the end, I am really happy with what we created. One of the many things that I think is cool about the course is that when I look at it, I see our progress and how we changed and improved our building styles as it went on. But before I move onto my next topic I am going to answer a question that I get a lot. Why do you like biking? I like biking because it’s so thrilling and exciting when you go fast. There are endless possibilities that  you can do  on a bike.  You have to think out of the box when you re trying something new and push your limits.

One of my goals that I recently created, is to go on a reading marathon. The reason for this is that my favorite author has recently come out with a new book for a new series. But I have about 12 unread books that I want to read first. So I hope to read a book (usually 300 to 400 pages) every two days. I am currently reading The Maze Runner. I so far really like the book, it has an amazing story plot. I can’t put the book down because it is just so exiting and interesting.

Something that I thought was really fun this week was when almost the whole class went to the book store to get books. It was really cool that we got to get up and go somewhere on a week day. Some people ask me the same question as biking. Why do you like reading so much? Well, I think I like reading so much because it allows me to imagine what people sound like, what things look like, and just simple little other details. When I read it puts me in my own relaxing world.

One of our reflective questions this week was “why should we care?”.  I guess it’s good to care about something so you can get it done. Kind of  like what we did on the bike course. Everybody has to be 100% committed to the project ahead. For example, I know a lot of people who just start something and they don’t necessarily care much for it. That project usually spirals downhill pretty quickly.  But if you are truly committed to something, it will succeed.


That wraps up my week and I was happy with it.

Luke, 13





Backyard Biking

This week we continued to work on our homemade bike park. We have design plans on where the track will be built. This week we got the basic design for the first jump done, along with the bank turn. We are making the trails now but it is hard digging up roots. My  best guess is that it will take a month or two to finish the track. So I have definitely been having a fun time building it. We have tried the course many times. We have learn through trial and error. Every time somebody crashed (they were all okay) we fixed the problem.  I film a quick update of our progress from this week and last week. Video below (technical difficulties are preventing me from adding the video this second. Don’t worry it will be on soon)

A lot of offerings have ben popping up this week to. There was a Brain Games offering this week that I did. It was really interesting and fun to watch. It was about your brain’s logic. There were a lot of mind games in the episode that we watched. We tried some of the activities but we weren’t able to complete any. It was crazy how our brains were thinking. There is going to be another Brain Games offering next week too. I am super excited for it.

I started a new writing class this week. It is a Fantasy tips writing class on Brave Writing. It is my second class with them and I am really enjoying it. I have had the same teacher in both classes and she is super nice and is giving me great tips. I would really love to be an author when I get a little older. So I am working on many classes for practice. I have even started my own novel. It’s about two kids, Damian Rider and Adam Rider, as the main characters.  But they get involved with a group of terrorists when moving to the Blue Mountains.  I am doing a first person view for most of the story. I am going to be the mind of 18 year old Damian Rider. I have been putting some work into it everyday.

I just love getting stories out of my head an putting them on paper for other people to read.

That basically sums up my awesome week at Triskele Rivers. I can’t wait for next week .

Luke Hansen, 13

Vacuum Bikes

Another successful week at Triskele Rivers. We continue to grow our projects, making them more interesting. This week I continued to do my photography and set up an Istock account. As I mentioned last week, Istock is a site were you can sell your own photos. It easy and fun. Istock is the only site where minors can sell photos that I know of. I am also learning how to use a photo editing program that’s  on the school computer.

This week Nate did an offering. He found a way to suck all the atmosphere out of a jar. We would put objects in that jar and then suck the atmosphere out. It made Marshmallows grow double the size. But as soon as we let the atmosphere back in the marshmallow would shrivel up. We also tried it on grapes. It had no visible effect on the grapes, so we tried oranges. First we tried the orange with its skin. When we took the atmosphere away, it only popped a hole in it. We decided to try it without the peel. This time the orange started to bubble like it was cooking, even though it was room temperature inside of the jar. It had the same effect  on water. So that was Nate’s offering for the week. It was definitely fun.

Nate, Abe, and I started a new project this week.  Judging from the plans we made, it will take a couple of weeks to complete. The project that we are doing is to make a bike course in the woods. I personally love mountain biking and ride at least three times a week. The course is going to be made up of jumps, bank turns, and other fun obstacles. It is hard work to make strong jumps though. You have to have good dirt, water, and make sure it is packed down. Since we are in the woods there are also lots of bushes and roots to remove. So far we have only started the main section of trail and a little bit of the jump. I might film our progress every week and post it for everyone to see. I  am really excited for it and hope it turns out well.

Sadly my writing class is coming to an end this week. I had a blast during the class. My teacher was super nice and had lots of tips for me. I loved the course so much that I actually signed up for another one that starts next week with the same teacher. It was my favorite course that I have every done.

Once again I had a amazing week and I can’t wait to come back again. I love Triskele Rivers! 🙂







This week I continued most of the same things that I was working on last week. I am definitely finding out about the thing that I really love. Nate and I did a lot photography and we are publishing them onto Istock for purchase. I just need to set up a couple more things and then my account will be completely set up. I have been discovering many new things that I can do with my camera. So that has definitely been a highlight of my week. I have been taking walks downtown and seeing what kind of photos I can get. I have also started a reading marathon (I guess that’s what you could call it). My goal is to read all my unread books that I own. The reason for this is so that I can read Rick Riordon’s new book, Magnus Chase. The writing course that I am working on only has about one more week left and I am still loving it. I have already signed up for another one that starts after the one I am working on now. We are in the progress of making  a full 1,500 word short story. I am loving it so much, I am even working on some stories of my own.

That’s really all of the main projects that I  have been working on. We also got a new dog.


Photography Training!

Once again this was another amazing week at Triskele Rivers! Each week here seems to become more fun! This week I continued to work on my writing course and story. My passion for writing continues to grow. I also dedicated some more time into developing  my  book characters.  We also did some more work with the horses. Some of the kids even rode through the woods on them. I followed along with my bike. Nate helped me set up an account on a website where you can sell your photos (if you meet the requirements). Its called Istock, I am super excited to start it. But my favorite activity we did was hiking down through an abandoned State Park. Nate, Audrey, and I all did some photography while we were hiking too. Here is a test photo that I took.


I was really looking for scenery that would capture the eye and make you focus on a specific object in the photo. Today was definitely my second favorite day of Triskele Rivers after the Skate park. That about wraps up my week. I hope everybody else  had a great week too!

Skate Park Video!

This was another amazing week at Triskele Rivers! We had so much fun! I wish that we could have more time here. We started our week with making homemade cannons. We got to solder, hammer, and drill. It was extremely fun and exciting process. Then we got to test them with shooting blanks.

I spent a huge portion of my week writing and developing characters. I also have been working really hard on my writing course. It gets harder every week. I like doing something that I love, even if its hard. It almost makes it more fun. I am learning something new every time I get a new assignment.

The other thing that was a large part of my week was making a biking video. Nate and I went to the skate park to film a video. We had planned the trip a week earlier, so we would both be prepared. I brought my camera (Nikon D3300) to the place to film with. The reason that we did it on a weekday instead of a weekend was so that we would be the only ones there. And fortunately for us it worked. We spent a good two hours filming. Filming would have gone on for longer if the camera hadn’t run out of battery. When I got home I put together a little video and put it on YouTube. I’m the green and Nate’s the gray. Click below to watch. 🙂